Arenal Volcano National Park

One of Costa Rica’s most notable natural features is the Arenal Volcano. This impressive volcano resides within the 29,960-acre Arenal Volcano National Park. Although the volcano entered into a resting phase in 2010 – meaning that its eruptions have paused.  For six years the red hot lava has been biding its time and the activity at Arenal has been limited to puffs of smoke and a few deep rumbles.  No one can predict when this quiet cycle will end and the glowing red orange cone will once again dominate the night sky but even when it’s not erupting spectacularly the peak is still an imposing and beautiful sight. Rising above the rainforest that surrounds its base, Arenal frames the skyline with near perfect symmetry. The immediate area hosts a wealth of activities – including whitewater rafting, waterfall rappelling, hiking and canopy tours – as well as the friendly town of La Fortuna.

Arenal and La Fortuna offer a spectacular back-drop to your destination wedding in Costa Rica while providing the perfect place to spend time in nature with your family and friends celebrating your special event.


Things To Do In Arenal

Mistico Hanging Bridges Walk

Discover the rainforest surrounding the Arenal Volcano from an unrivaled perspective on the Arenal Hanging Bridges tour.

Arenal Oasis Night Walk

This night walk offers visitors the opportunity see many different nocturnal species that inhabit the small refuge of the Arenal Oasis.

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