“Pura Vida”, pronounced “poo-rah-vee-dah”  is a term you will hear often in Costa Rica. What does it mean? Literally, the term translates in English as “Pure Life”. The words together are used in many ways, as a greeting, or to relate a good feeling.

For a deeper understanding , the expression Pura Vida has been used in Costa Rican dialect for 50+ years and has a far more profound meaning than can be translated. Most foreigners may find the term to be ambiguous. Pura Vida is a way of life, the law of the land, a term that is deeply embedded into the Costa Rican lifestyle.  Costa Rican people observe and protect their wildlife, their rainforests and live a green lifestyle. Not because it is trendy, but because they have an understanding that chemicals can ruin the land and endanger the livestock.  They live with the idea that nature is instrinsic to a high quality of life. Given the choice to live their Pura Vida life, or to move to a big city with all the amenities one could ask for, Costa Ricans will choose Pura Vida everytime.

Come have your Pura Vida Wedding in Costa Rica.


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