Photographs are our personal story, a timeline of our lives. We all share an innate desire to capture and preserve these moments in time. This powerful force defines the importance of photography, it’s role in history, how it shapes our thoughts, our imagination and gives us a tangible link to the past.

What may seem to be an unremarkable moment, can be recorded with a single photograph that will almost certainly outlive the subject. Images serve as a link to future generations, even if only a single ancestor searching for answers to their past, or a time in your own life as your search for the person you once were.

Choose a photographer with the artistic eye, style and personality that you believe will best tell the story of your destination wedding or special event, a memory to last beyond a lifetime.

Our Favorite Photographers Mike Blum – Kristen Brown – Christina Craft  –   El Velo –  Toh Gouttenoire – Jonathan Cooley –


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